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Getting free pure
fibre for your
is as easy as
one, two, three

We’ve partnered with
Frogfoot and
to offer free Fibre
to schools.*

* Afrihost reserves the right to accept or refuse applicants - this is to
safeguard the program as well as the recipients of the program.
schools that fall within approved coverage areas can apply.

Apply online now
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Check if your school
has Fibre coverage.
Use our coverage checker tool to see if your school falls within the qualifying areas. If Fibre is available, simply follow the prompts to submit your application.
Complete the online
application form.
We’ve made the application process as easy as possible. If you have Fibre coverage for your school, simply follow the prompts and complete the online application form.
Once approved, complete
the sign up process.
Our Fibre School team will review your application. Once approved, you’ll receive a link via email to complete the sign up of your free Fibre School package.

Frequently asked questions

Can any school sign up for the Afrihost School Initiative?

Only schools within Frogfoot and Vumatel Fibre school coverage areas can apply for the Afrihost School Initiative.

Use our Fibre coverage checker to see if your school is eligible for the program. If Fibre is available, complete the online application form.

What information is needed from my school?

We’ve tried to make the application process as easy as possible for you. Simply click on “Apply now” to start your application - we’ll guide you step-by-step through the process.

Can I apply for more than one Fibre line at the same location?

No, only one (1) Fibre line per school qualifies for the Afrihost School Initiative. Any additional Fibre lines at your school will be at your own cost.

What costs are involved? Will I be charged for anything?

No, you will not be charged for anything. ALL costs will be covered by Afrihost and the relevant Fibre provider. This includes installation, activation, one (1) WiFi router and your monthly Fibre line and data rental.

Please note that you may receive a charge for the router delivery in the form of an invoice. We will correct that and mark the delivery as free of charge - so do not be alarmed.

Why do I need to supply my banking details during sign up?

For security reasons our system requires valid banking details. But rest assured that we will not charge your account for anything.

What forms do I need to complete?

You’ll have to submit two (2) forms with your application - an affidavit with information about your school and a signed Afrihost School Initiative Terms and Conditions document.

These documents will be made available to you during the online application process.

I see that I need to supply BEE information. Does this mean that only certain BEE level schools qualify for the program?

No, any school can qualify for the Afrihost School Initiative. If your school does not comply with some of the stipulations, we may still cover you after looking at other facets of your school.

Terms and conditions

  1. The connectivity provided by Afrihost is meant to be used on the school premises to benefit the staff and pupils. Should the school decide to give access to visitors and parents at their discretion, this is acceptable as long as the pupils and staff still benefit.
  2. The connection is provided indefinitely until such a time where Afrihost revises the arrangement. At such time we will notify all schools concerned.
  3. If you need to cancel your services, cancellations need to be done a month in advance on Clientzone before our billing run which starts on the 21st of every month.
  4. Please note that we will offer Fibre routers along with the free data as long as it is approved by Afrihost under either a promo they are running or by the discretion of its decision makers. Any extenders and hardware/software the school needs will be supplied and installed by a company they select at their cost. Afrihost will not do the trenching and extending of wifi signals and infrastructure.
  5. If and when the contact person for the school (Provided on the sign-up details on the site) changes, kindly update this in your ClientZone portal. Afrihost won’t be held liable to change these details for you, we do however need them up to date at all times.
  6. Please ensure that the delivery address you enter for the router delivery is the same one as the school. The only exceptions to this are when there is no one to receive the router at the school, in cases such as closure of schools or the contact person not being at the school and preferring to receive the router themselves at another location.
  1. Afrihost wishes to develop a mutual relationship whereby we can utilize marketing avenues and events that the school may offer at choice times at no cost to Afrihost. We prefer to align our efforts with the school’s brand, vision and image at all times. Should we approach the school for any marketing opportunities, we will do so with respect and encourage discussions of the proposed plans beforehand so that we move forward mutually satisfied. Newsletters, school Facebook page, D6 app (if applicable) and select school events are examples of such initiatives.
  2. Once the Fibre has been installed Afrihost wishes to put up signage at the front gate indicating that we are a sponsor to the school.
  3. ALL sign ups need to be done on the Afrihost website - - below and all details filled in as well as valid payment details. Once completed email immediately.
  4. Please be advised that if you can’t provide the registration documents for the school and signed terms and conditions, we reserve the right to deny service.
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